Commercial Plumbing Is Quick With The Right Tools.

Installing Stainless Steel Pipe Is Mega Easy For Commercial Plumbing Contractors.

Commercial plumbing projects require stainless steel pipe because it is pivotal to industrial operations. It is heat resistant and will not corrode, making it the perfect option for manufacturing facilities. No matter the nature of the business, the piping to, from, and within the building needs to function as intended. Downtime for repairs affects revenue and lead times, which affects your reputation in the marketplace. Welding and threading stainless steel pipe connectors is a time consuming process that affects the profitability of your facility. When you require quick repairs to minimize downtime, choose stainless steel fittings installed with Megapress which cuts installation time down 50-90%.

Why Is Megapress So Durable?

Installing your stainless steel pipe with Megapress is an efficient alternative to welding and threading connectors. Here’s why we recommend Megapress:

  • Tight Connection. The grip ring and separator ring allows for a tight, strong connection on which you can depend.
  • It Works. Megapress works with 304 and 316 stainless steel pipe meaning it works for almost any facility.
  • Innovative Technology. Some leading Megapress manufacturers incorporate technology designed to determine if a fitting is unpressed, meaning we can ensure all fittings are tight and strong before finishing the project.

Ensure your building incorporates modern technologies by choosing a plumber experienced and familiar with innovative technologies designed to keep your facility up and running.

A-Able Plumbing Chooses Megapress For Commercial & Industrial Builds.

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